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TuskDent Dental


      We love beauty. We love precision. We love creating to these qualities.
      Only by paying such attention to the aesthetics of nature and to the details of our technologies do we achieve that sense of pride; of knowing we’ve created a restoration that is of considered design and lasting quality. The smiles in return are a warm reminder of how lives are enhanced by what we give.

      Tusk is a dental laboratory that specialises in Aesthetic, Implant and Complex combination restorative cases. We combine the most specialised digital manufacture with the most sound traditional technologies to solve real restorative cases with solutions best suited to the case rather than solutions suited to a technology.

      We are a team of skilled and highly experienced artisans of shape, aesthetics and colour. Passionate technical masters of design and manufacture. Our facility houses a comprehensive range of highly specialised digital and also traditional manufacturing equipment, making available every possible option to provide individual solutions.

      The comprehensiveness of our facility and the skills, experience and enthusiasm of the team mean that the most complex oral restorative challenges have a solution in our hands.

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