PlastCare USA

PlastCare USA


      Thousands of dentists rely on our dental supplies to care for their patients’s teeth. That is not a responsibility we take lightly. So we have made it our mission to provide American dentists with the best supplies in the world.

      As a company, we are inspired by the people working on the frontline to keep our communities healthy. To do that, dentists and other medical professionals need equipment and supplies they can rely on. PlastCare USA specializes in manufacturing plastic and disposable dental supplies that performs flawlessly every time our customers need them.

      PlastCare USA is a family owned business, founded in Los Angeles, California, in 2015. In just a few years, we have become one of the leading manufacturers of FDA approved disposable dental supplies in the USA. Since day one, we have made sure dentists were involved in every level of our operations, from product development to management decisions. That has allowed us to understand our customers’ needs and develop products that make a difference.

      All our products are researched and developed by dentists with focus on utility and reliability in a dental clinic. We listen to the feedback we receive from our customers, and use it to improve and upgrade our product lines. Only through continuously improvement can we make sure we keep delivering dental supplies of the highest quality and standards.

      Our goal has always been to establish long-term relationships with dental clinics and professionals across the country. The quality and consistency of our disposable medical supplies have made us the preferred wholesale distributor of dental supplies to major US dental and medical companies.

      We believe in fair prices on high performing products that comply with all FDA regulations. Our customers deserve exceptional service, so we are always open to customize products according to their specifications and budgets.