Kerr Sealapex Non-Eugenol Root Canal Sealer 18432 - Standard Package for Precise Sealing

Kerr Sealapex Root Canal Sealer Non-Eugenol Standard Package 18432

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Kerr Sealapex Root Canal Sealer 18432, Standard Package: 12 g Tube Base, 12 g Tube Catalyst & 1 Mixing Pad. Non-Eugenol Calcium Hydroxide Polymeric Root Canal Sealant. This formulation produces rapid healing and hard tissue formation.

Kerr Sealapex Root Canal Sealer Non-Eugenol Standard Package 18432 represents an essential component in modern endodontic practice, offering dental professionals a dependable solution for sealing and filling root canals. This non-eugenol root canal sealer is thoughtfully formulated to provide optimal sealing properties, biocompatibility, and ease of use, making it a trusted choice for endodontic procedures.

Key Features:

  • Non-Eugenol Formula: Kerr Sealapex employs a non-eugenol formulation, making it suitable for patients with allergies or sensitivities to eugenol. This feature enhances patient comfort and minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.

  • Easy Mixing: The standard package includes a convenient powder and liquid formulation, allowing for straightforward and consistent mixing. This simplifies the application process, ensuring a smooth and efficient procedure.

  • Excellent Flow: Kerr Sealapex offers excellent flow characteristics, enabling it to reach and seal even the most intricate and challenging root canal systems. Its fluidity ensures complete coverage and adaptation to canal irregularities.

  • Biocompatible: This sealer is biocompatible, promoting tissue health and minimizing post-operative complications. It's a safe and reliable choice for both patients and dental practitioners.


Kerr Sealapex 18432, in its non-eugenol standard package, is a preferred choice for endodontists and dentists who seek a reliable root canal sealer. With easy mixing, excellent flow, and biocompatible properties, it ensures a smooth and effective root canal treatment process. This product is ideal for achieving successful, long-lasting results and maintaining patient comfort. Trust in Kerr Sealapex for your endodontic needs and elevate your practice's standards.

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Manufacturer Code: 18432
Brand: Kerr
Chemical Makeup: Non-eugenol calcium hydroxide
Packaging: Single set: base & catalyst

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