Ivoclar Vivadent Multilink Automix Universal Cement Transparent Syringe 9gm 615216 - Versatile Dental Adhesive for Ceramics, Composites, and Metal

Ivoclar Vivadent Multilink Automix Universal Cement Transparent 9gm Syringe 615216

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Ivoclar Vivadent Multilink Universal Resin Cement Transparent 615216 Refill: 1 - 9 gram syringe and 15 mixing tips. The Multilink Automix Easy Clean-Up version of this self-etching adhesive resin cement provides extended clean-up times for clinicians who pre-polymerize excess material with a curing light.

Ivoclar Vivadent Multilink Automix Universal Cement Transparent 9gm Syringe 615216 is a high-quality dental cement that is designed to provide a strong and reliable bond for a wide range of dental restorations. This cement is easy to use, with a convenient automix syringe that ensures consistent and homogeneous mixing.

Key Features:

  1. Universal Compatibility: Multilink Automix is a versatile cement suitable for a variety of restorative materials, including ceramics, composites, metal, and more. This universal compatibility simplifies inventory management and ensures consistent results.

  2. Transparency: This particular variant of Multilink Automix is transparent, making it an excellent choice for cases where aesthetics and translucency are crucial. It blends seamlessly with natural tooth shades and restorative materials, delivering lifelike results.

  3. Automix Dispensing: The syringe features an automix system, ensuring the precise and consistent mixing of the cement's components. This simplifies the cementation process and reduces the risk of errors.

  4. High Bond Strength: Multilink Automix offers exceptional bond strength, promoting long-term stability and durability of restorations. It forms a reliable and tight bond between the restoration and tooth structure.

  5. Reduced Clean-Up: Excess cement is easy to remove after curing, thanks to its clean and efficient handling properties. This saves time and enhances the overall efficiency of the cementation procedure.

  6. Quick Curing: The cement sets quickly, allowing for efficient chairside procedures and reducing patient chair time.


In conclusion, the Ivoclar Vivadent Multilink Automix Universal Cement Transparent 9gm Syringe 615216 is a versatile and efficient dental cement designed to streamline the cementation process for dental professionals. With its universal compatibility, transparency for aesthetic restorations, automix dispensing system, high bond strength, and quick curing properties, it is a trusted choice for various restorative applications. Elevate your dental practice with Ivoclar Vivadent's commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring superior patient care and long-lasting results.

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Manufacturer Code: 615216
Brand: Ivoclar Vivadent
Color: Transparent
Curing: Dual-cure
Dispensing: Syringe
Packaging: 9 gram syringe
Type: Resin cement

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